Google Pixel 7 Review: What is special in this mobile?

Google's Tensor G2 processor and Titan M2 processor have been used for security in Google Pixel 7.

Google pixel 7 gets Android 13, up to 128 GB of storage with 8 GB of RAM.

Matte aluminum body design is available with Pixel 7. According to the company, the phone is made from recycled material.

The design of the phone is durable and premium. However, a large camera bump is available in the rear of the phone, which has the support of two cameras.

Glossy finish is available with the phone, due to which the phone slips a lot.

IP68 rating is available for water resistant with Google Pixel 7. That is, the phone can stay in 1.5 meter deep water for up to 30 minutes.

Pixel 7 gets a 6.32-inch FullHD Plus OLED display, which comes with (2,400 x 1,080 pixels) resolution and 90Hz refresh rate.