Apple warns users to install software updates to avoid hackers

Apple has made some software changes this week to combat spyware and strengthen cyber security.

A recent post by Apple asked customers to update to the latest software to avoid the risks affecting their Safari browser and Mac computers as well as their iPhone and iPad devices.

Software vulnerabilities can give attackers full access to a vulnerable device, according to Rachel Toback.

Everyone should update their Apple devices, as software updates are done to address the shortcomings in the software.

The US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency has also advised users to implement the necessary updates as soon as possible.

If a bug is serious before a software update is released, those situations can be extremely valuable to hackers.

Last year the Israeli company allowed the deployment of NSO Group's spyware tools, which led to the problem, Apple has sued NSO Group over the matter and the Israeli company has been blacklisted by the US Commerce Department.