KGF Chapter 3 Movie: release date, cast, story, teaser, trailer, first look, rating, reviews, box office collection and preview

KGF Chapter 3

KGF Chapter 3 Movie

KGF Sequel Preparation Reports of differences between its makers for the sequel of actor Yash Gowda’s film KGF Chapter 2 have created a stir in Kannada cinema and Hindi cinema as well. The film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ has already achieved the title of highest grossing film of the year. The makers of KGF Universe have started shooting for KGF Chapter 3 in the winter this year and have talked about reaping the benefits of this success next year itself. At the same time, the other team associated with the production of the film is thinking of releasing it after the film ‘Pushpa Part 2’. There have also been reports of reshuffling of its script after the success of the film ‘Pushpa Part 2’ and the shooting of ‘Pushpa Part 2’. Now it is learned that preparations are on to make the making of the film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ world class and with the help of some special technicians of Hollywood, its sequel like the film ‘Adipurush’ by dubbing it in Indian as well as foreign languages. Preparations for release are underway.

Shooting of 'KGF Chapter 3' begins soon

KGF Chapter 3 Movie

The film ‘KGF Chapter 2’ and its first sequel film ‘KGF Chapter 1’ have been produced by Kannada cinema’s famous film company Hombale Films. The director of the film Prashanth Neel is currently busy shooting for his film ‘Saalar’ with Telugu superstar Prabhas. Prashanth Neel recently said that he has discussed some scenes from the sequel film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ with Yash, the hero of the film ‘KGF Chapter 2’. The shooting of the film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ is expected to start soon.

KGF Chapter 3 more budget

KGF Chapter 3 Movie

To make this film world class, the help of Hollywood technicians is being taken in it and the budget of the film is also being increased. Its movement is also being felt here in the Mumbai film world. The films ‘KGF Chapter 1’ and ‘KGF Chapter 2’ have been released in Hindi by Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Sidhwani’s company Excel Entertainment. There is no official statement from Excel Entertainment regarding the film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ so far. But, according to the news that is coming out about this film in Mumbai, according to them, the film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ is going to be a film of a different level.

Vijay Kiragandur wants to make KGF 3 at international level

KGF Chapter 3 Movie

It is discussed that Vijay Kirgandoor wants to develop this film as an international level film and before connecting this story which started in the 70s to today’s era, it also has the entire universe of underworld from Mumbai to South. want. Vijay also talked about bringing some strong stars of Hindi cinema in the film and Hrithik Roshan’s name has come to the fore in the list of probables. But, now it has been learned that the makers of the film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ have not yet come to a consensus regarding the making of the film. Due to this, the plan has now been made to start the shooting of the film comfortably.

Chapter 3 story board work begins

KGF Chapter 3 Movie

Sources reveal that the work on the looks of the film ‘KGF Chapter 3’ has already started at Hombale Films. Director Prashanth Neel’s team of assistants is also doing storyboarding work on parts of the script that has been written so far. But, this film will not start this year now. Karthik Gowda, who was the executive producer in the film ‘KGF Chapter 2’, has also made it clear that this film is not going to start as of now.

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