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Japan has been at the forefront of anime in television content entertainment. Anime or Japanese-style animation has also found its footing outside Japan, with the demand for anime production increasing after the corona pandemic.

With more and more people choosing to watch anime, the distinctive artistic style, unique musical score, and captivating story have all created a global fan base. But the point is that downloading anime is not easy. Fans often struggle to find websites and services from where they can download anime. Many websites do not offer quality downloads, and it is not advisable to rely on these websites as they may contain a variety of viruses.

Websites don’t make it easy to download and watch anime because of the time-consuming complicated signup process and other issues. That’s why it takes time for anime fans to grow.

This article is for anime fans who want to download anime in high quality and easy to watch online. After examining hundreds of websites claiming to offer anime downloads for them, we have found a few websites with anime-loving audiences,

In this article, we’ll cover both free and paid sites that allow fans to download anime.

First, let us talk about the websites that can be downloaded for free.







anime 12

Users’ most popular website Gogoanime works regularly. The website provides downloads in various offers in a comfortable manner and without ads or signups.

New episodes are posted on this website regularly, while the navigation bar will allow users to seamlessly search to find their favorite anime series for free download.

Once you find the episode you are looking for, click on it and go to the streaming page. In the top left corner, you will find the download button which you can click to start downloading, and your search for this website will be completed.


anime 10

Animeland is a famous site for anime lovers as it has a huge collection of dubbed anime viewers that can download or stream without any cost. The search bar gives you the option to search for your favorite shows.

When you click on an episode, the site gives you the option of video streaming. To the right of the streaming video, you can choose how to download the show without signing up. Additionally, there are no ads on the site, the interface is easy to use as well as the content is varied. It should come as no surprise that the site has 1.10 million monthly users.


anime 9

The site is famous among its fans for several reasons. The user interface is easy to navigate. All you have to do is type in the series name to search for the episode and then click on the episode to start streaming in high quality, and then enjoy the best streaming without buffering or delay.

The most distinctive feature of this website is the easy downloading feature which allows the users to download all the anime without any cost. The site hosts a plethora of dubbed anime and allows users to easily locate the dubbed version of their favorite anime.


anime 8

As one of the most popular sites to download anime for free, AnimixPlay deserves a special place. The site offers English dubbing of anime and original Japanese anime in high-definition streaming as well as downloading.

There’s no need to sign up, get annoyed with ads, or fear viruses. On the first page of the site, users will be able to watch the latest anime along with new uploads.

The search bar allows users to search for any type of anime. If you find something you like, just click on it and the movie streaming will start. On the right side of the screen, users will see a download button. With just one click, you’ll be able to start downloading your most-loved series.

Users can also view the schedule on the site which informs us of the date when the next episode of the show we want to stream will be available.


anime 7

Animekaizoku is a well-known website due to the fact that it has millions of anime to download for free. The site is updated frequently and its homepage features the most recent episodes and anime in the order they were released.

Its interface is free of ads, and the search function lets users skim the site to find the information they’re looking for. What’s even better is that the site lets users download entire seasons in batches at 1080p high-definition.

When you click the link, and the episode starts streaming, scroll down until you’ve selected the download methods. The website also has details of episodes, ratings, and user feedback among other features that can help you discover new content on its homepage.

Top anime sites to download anime

Top anime sites to download anime that are not for free.

If you are tired of using free sites because of the low quality of ads or sign-ups, or you just want to stream or download anime without any hassle, the paid options listed in this article can be beneficial.

Every website has its advantages and disadvantages as well as disadvantages. The best part is that you’re able to access the free trial to see which one offers your favorite content in high quality before choosing which one.

1. Amazon Prime

2. Crunchyroll

3. Netflix

4. Hulu

5. Funimation

Paid Anime Streaming Amazon Prime

anime 6

Amazon Prime is not outdated in the streaming and download industry and does not have the same reputation as other websites. However, Amazon has built up a huge collection of originals and classics that people haven’t seen.


It has a user-friendly interface for browsing the site. Users are able to find the movie they want to find and download it in 4K Ultra quality. All you have to do is buy a subscription to enjoy Amazon’s collection of anime.

Paid Anime Streaming Crunchyroll


Crunchyroll is one of the top websites to stream and download anime. The process is simple. Download the app and buy an upgrade subscription which is more affordable than other apps like Amazon. When you’re on the app, you can see titles available to download in a matter of minutes thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

Paid Anime Streaming Netflix

anime 4

Netflix is well-known as a revolutionary streaming service
that gives you the ability to watch content through clicks. Recently, however,
the company has also bet on the market for anime by signing for new anime

In addition, the number of anime viewers on the site has

exceeded that. This is due to the fact that Netflix offers a wide selection of
anime, both well-known and niche, including both dubbed and subbed versions,
providing the highest quality of streaming as well as downloading. 

All you have to do is select the right subscription plan for
you from among the many plans and start downloading anime.

Paid Anime Streaming Hulu

anime 1

Hulu has already been in the world of anime before Netflix decided to invest in the market. Over time, the site has built up a vast and extensive collection of anime accessible for not only streaming as well as downloading. However, the site has also gained a huge following of anime lovers who use the site due to the growing selection of anime that it offers.

Paid Anime Streaming Funimation

anime 2

Funimation has long been a favorite among anime fans looking to download simple content. Users need to install the application, pay for a subscription, and start watching and downloading their favorite anime.

Its distinguishing feature is that its subscription cost is lower than that of its rivals. However, Funimation also has a number of exclusive series that people are unable to find in other places. Its selection is hard to beat, as even the biggest companies like Netflix don’t have the same content that Funimation provides.

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